They Keep Your Motor Running

They Keep Your Motor Running

Cardone Industries has been a long time client of ours. Their directories are not only large, but complex. We produce these directories in multiple versions and multiple languages using several product databases. Our challenge is to write customized macros to systematically extract data for any type of directory they may want to produce for their clients. We manage the data to produce large print quantities or extract for customized short run catalogs that are produced on our digital presses. They are small in quantity, but large page counts.

Many of our directory clients are choosing smaller target market catalogs for their clients. Sometimes we produce these books for a one-to-one type of marketing. Once the data is set up properly for manipulation, the personalized directories become a real and viable option.

Perhaps you want to produce a health care directory for services available in one county in a specific state. As long as the data is set up to extract this, it then becomes an easy process and is very cost effective. You can produce what is needed, when it is needed. Print-on-demand and digital technology helps our clients customize and personalize for fit their customers’ needs.


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