About Us

Our Story

FrontEnd Graphics started out of our home in Marlton New Jersey over 25 years ago. I was a young mother trying to do it all! Well we all know that really means you are trying to survive it all. I remember working on jobs while the family slept and enjoying my cup of coffee at 1 AM in a quiet house. I will never forget the gentleman from the sales tax office representing the fine State of New Jersey. He used to sit at my kitchen table with me trying to help me correct the mistakes I made with my sales tax forms. He came back so often to help me that I worried he would report the kids… they sold him lemonade in front of the house while he waited. I apologized as I wiped the peanut butter and jelly from his sleeve…. oops!

My first jobs were a result of my contacts from my former position at a large technical printer in New Jersey. They would drop artwork to me by mail. I would generate the line art, paste up the jobs on my artboard and send the mechanicals back by mail. Macs came into play and then the art and the mechanicals were created electronically. My big break came when GE hired me to help with a large proposal they were running in Houston. I worked as a consultant and I am proud to say they, now as Lockheed Martin, are still one of my best clients.

My husband, partner and best friend, Bob, came on board with me around 17 years ago. His many years in print gave us the added edge with expanded experience on the print side. Paper, imposition, finishing and distribution along with mailing added to our expanded services. The business grew along with our children. We moved three or four times and arrived in our current location in February 2009. We are blessed to have a long and trusted extended family here at FrontEnd. Our team is experienced, technically knowledgeable and highly qualified in all areas of media today. Our company has grown along with our client list, and all of our clients come by word of mouth. It is a great way to grow your customer base. We work very closely with all of our clients and have no intention of implementing voice mail! We welcome the opportunity to welcome you to our family on your next project.

FrontEnd Graphics is a one stop shop with that “get it done Mom and Pop mentality.” We have to deliver, or you won’t be able to tell a friend….