Before & After: Witness the Transformation using Printed Boards!

Before: A Traditional Style Buffet / Salad Bar setup that was using drab colors & tiles. While the food, we’re sure was undeniably delicious, the presentation lacked that “wow” factor. We knew the guests enjoyed the mouthwatering dishes, but we knew we could take up the aesthetics a notch!

After: Behold the spectacular metamorphosis! Using Printed Boards, the buffet has undergone a complete makeover, exuding elegance and style that also included brand logos & art. Our install of the customized boards add a pop of color and personality, making every meal creation a delightful experience!

Indulge your senses with the magic of Printed Boards – the secret ingredient that has turned this client’s buffet into a culinary masterpiece! Don’t miss out on experiencing an unparalleled transformation that adds style, creativity, and innovation.

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