One thing you never have enough of???? Time!

As those grains of sand push us toward 2024, that year-end campaign looms heavy on your shoulders.

A few more tips to think about while you plan and gather your thoughts…

  • Share your story of 2023.
  • Share the impact of giving in 2023 and feature your successful programs.
  • Tell that good story and please include photos and video in your outreach.
  • Show people, events, volunteers, equipment purchases etc. to aid in your story.
  • Thank your donors and ask for their continued support by making it personal!
  • Refine the fields in your data. You can have as many fields as you wish. More information makes the process of personalization much easier.
  • Keep the giving process simple… donate by check or online. Interactive QR codes are great for this outreach.
  • December is usually the busiest month for receiving funds, so plan your print/mail date well enough in advance to ensure enough time to get in home and make those year end gifts count.
  • Please don’t do a general letter. Use that donor data to be specific, take advantage of the technology to customize your ask to the donor heartstrings. Less is more and pictures really are worth a thousand words.
  • Use color on the outer envelope, or better yet a photo of one of the children your non-profit serves, if that’s your focus. There is a higher open rate when a photo of a child is on the outer envelope… just sayin’.

If you want to learn more about any of the information we shared, please feel free to give me a call.