So much talk of rebuilding infrastructure! Have you considered the support system in your own business of late?

It began back in 2018 with a complete overhaul of their product data infrastructure. The company was established in 1982, so the need to address a new website and better marketing was key to improve revenue. FrontEnd Graphics had the pleasure of taking on this task. The process of rebuilding a database is long, arduous, and super detailed to say the least. There is also the challenge of deciding how you want your products to appear on your site and in your marketing. When generations are involved in management, you need to please all the owners. The process of the data build took about a year. The website was then redesigned utilizing the product images created by our team.

The next step in the rebuild was conversations about creating a print catalog. In our discussions, we actually discouraged this due to the volume of products. The catalog would have been huge, heavy in weight, and very expensive for our client. We proposed a smaller catalog printed on our digital press, and mailing flyers to their client base. We suggested they feature their most successful items in the flyer and include a discount offer. Our experience has shown people will buy more of items they already use, especially if they can buy them with a discount.

Using our customer’s data, we built these flyers for digital print as 11 x 17 folded in half. They are produced on a fairly regular schedule, up to 6 times per year. The revenue returns were very good at this point so our client was pleased. 

We suggested purchasing a mail list to expand his outreach. We selected partials of those lists to avoid increased costs on print/mail. By combining the new list with their regular customers, we were able to see what worked. Our client continued this process over several months to see results. At this point, we are also creating email blasts with live links of featured items from the printed flyer. 

A few months ago, I asked him if he could share his information with us on his flyer marketing program.  He asked me to hold a moment and then shared they had seen a 100% increase in revenue as a result of these campaigns. He has also increased his client base and outreach. I was so excited by his comments that I wanted to share his story, and ours. 

Your customer data is your greatest asset!

Why not use it to your advantage. The more you know about them, the better you can market your products. 

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