Is your nonprofit behind the eight ball in your year-end giving campaign?

Time waits for no one! Now is the time to get your house and your data in order.

How well do you know your donors?
This is the perfect time to take a look, acknowledge their prior generosity, and of course mention the amount they gave, so the donor knows you appreciate them.

When did they last contribute to your organization?

Be sure you know when they gave. No one wants to be constantly asked for donations.

What prompted them to give?

Something must have pulled their heartstrings to write that check! You need to focus on the trigger for that give. Was it children? Sports? After school? etc… that should be a field in your data.

Focus on the when and why, this should all be tagged in a field for future use to personalize your campaign.

Remember, the more you know about your donor base, the better. When the donor data is built properly, it can be your greatest asset. Now is the time to start crafting a personal message, and make it count.

I will be posting suggestions in the coming weeks that may help you create a more targeted approach to donor development. 

Need Help? Please feel free to give us a call. It never costs you a thing to think out loud with us.